The Titantic sank, World War II ended, Man walked on the Moon, Bravo hired Andy Cohen, and now… Looking Up Court is born

Known predominantly for their performance on the court, athletes and coaches in college and professional basketball have so much more that they are hiding. Enter in: Looking Up Court, a blog that will be focusing on fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle in sports.

My name is Andrew James Sullivan and I am the creator of Looking Up Court. A little over a year and a half ago, I got involved with Geno Auriemma and Geno’s Cancer Team, a recognized affiliate program of The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Through my time with Geno’s Cancer Team I rekindled a love for basketball. I have been able to see how much is hidden from the public because of the on court success of athletes and coaches. Many individuals have so much more going on in their lives that is worth writing and talking about.

Looking Up Court is going to dive into the lives of basketball’s most influential and prestigious individuals. Each week, Looking Up Court will focus on athletes and coaches from the NBA, WNBA, and Men’s and Women’s College Basketball, and their lives off the court.

Insider Interviews- An inside look at the current projects of some of basketball’s biggest names. It doesn’t matter who they are and what they are doing, Looking Up Court is there. Interviews will focused on off the court success stories!

Mogul Mondays- Each Monday, Looking Up Court will be focusing on individuals who have taken the industry by storm. You know the Donald Trumps of the basketball industry.

Tasteful Tuesdays- Which basketball personalities produce the best food and beverage brands you ask? Looking Up Court will look at athletes and coaches who have brought their love for basketball from the court to the food and beverage industry.

wedNEWSday- Looking Up Court will highlight the biggest news in the basketball world from the past week. From highlight reels to emerging stars, Looking Up Court’s weekly analysis will cover it.

Thankful Thursdays- Jim Valvano might be the biggest basketball non-profiteer ever, but there are others emerging. Looking Up Court will look at the charity work of some of basketball’s biggest stars.

Fashionisto Fridays- Who does the fashion brand best? Looking Up Court will look at the most fabulous and successful fashions the basketball industry has to offer. From The Swin Cash Collection to the endeavors of NBA Star Wives, the word fabulous is redefined.

I thank everyone who has supported me with this endeavor and I cannot wait for the journey I am starting. Bringing fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle PR to sports is something I am committed to do. The best is yet to come.

Love & Hoops,


About Looking Up Court

At the University of Connecticut studying Communication. Creator of Looking Up Court --a blog focused on the fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle in basketball.
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